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Hermit 145 V2 Micro brushless FPV quadcopter

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Hermit 145 V2 Micro brushless FPV quadcopter

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Hermit 145 V2 is a newly designed micro FPV quadcopter of only 158mm (Diagonal from motor center to motor center), its small size can make it fly in a relatively confined space easily. It is installed a 5.8G/300mw analog video transmitter (VTX) supporting 40 channels, an analog camera(120°), a flight control board supporting CleanFlight and BaseFlight firmware), a buzzer, three onboard full color LED tail lights, a compatible receiver (three options), a DCDC power, a integrated control board with OSD etc. In addition, its camera is orientation adjustable. 
Note: Please make a choice on the receiver for your FC when you place the order!
1) Weight: 84.0g (not including battery)
2) Flight weight: 112.0g (450mAh/25C/7.4V); 128g (850mAh/25C/7.4V)
3) Flight time:9 minutes (450mAh/25C/7.4V); 12 minutes(850mAh/25C/7.4V)
4) Working voltage: 7V~8.4V (2S)
5) Diagonal from motor center to motor center: 158mm
6) Propeller diameter:90mm
7) ESC: MU-3A-L1(max working votage:8.4V)
8) STM32F103CBU6 main control/72MHz
9) Support an outside compass, sonar and GPS
10) Camera angle adjustable:+/- 25°
11) It uses brushless micro motors of high efficiency ( 5.6g, 4000KV)
12) There are 3 options for the integrated receivers:compatible DSMX/DSM2 receiver; compatible FUTABA SFHSS receiver, compatible FlySky AFHDS receiver (we are developing other compatible receivers at the moment)
Other features:
1) The battery can be changed and mounted by only one hand
2) Binding operation can be done by one hand too.
Functions for hardware
1) The integrated analog 5.8G/300mw video transmitter supports up to 40 channels (frequencies) 
2) Supports ONESHORT125 high speed ESC mode
3) Supports changing ESC parameters or upgrading ESC firmware through flight control board
4) Supports setting up OSD parameters and upgrading OSD firmware;
5) Customer can add or change many kinds of compatible receiver according to their request.
Binding operation: 
1) If what you ordered is the following receiver on your Hermit 145 V2 (old receiver, only compatible with DSM2-7CH), its binding operation is the following:
Press the binding switch on the receiver (green LED is on), then power FC board, release the binding switch, the green LED on the receiver flashes quickly (the receiver enters binding mode);
Press the binding switch on the DSM2 transmitter and then turn on the power;
When the fast flashing LED on the receiver is off and then comes to steady bright on, it indicates the binding is succeed, or repeat the above process.
2) If what you ordered is any receiver (new version receivers) from the following picture, its binding process is like the following:

(From left to right: DSMX/DSM2-7CH compatible receiver; Futaba SFHSS-8CH compatible receiver; Flysky AFHDS-8CH compatible receiver)

Power Hermit 145 V2, long press the binding button on the compatible receiver, when the steady on red LED turns to flashing, release the binding button and it enters binding mode. Then make the transmitter enter binding mode (please check the binding mode on the manual of transmitter you are using), when the fast flashing red LED on the receiver stays steady on, it shows the binding is succeed, or repeat the above process.


Operation on how to change the frequency of 5.8G analog video transmitter:

The VTX frequency includes a group of frequency and its sub frequency, in this case, changing frequency needs to take 2 steps: 1) set up a frequency group; 2) set up sub frequency.

After Hermit 145 V2 is powered,  all the 6 LED lights indicating VTX working come to on and then flash two times (the flashing LED ON/OFF status shows the working frequency of VTX). Long press the set switch till LED3 changes from ON to OFF, then release the switch (the ON/OFF status of the 6 LEDs shows the present working frequency of VTX) and it enters setting up mode for group frequency (the yellow LED-A, LED-B and LED-C shows the mode), the yellow LED ON/OFF status will be changed by short press the switch each time, when the wanted frequency group comes out, long press the switch till all the LEDs are on the off status, then release the switch and enter the setting up mode for sub frequency (the red LED1, LED2 and LED3 shows this mode), short press switch each time can change the red LED ON/OFF status, long press the switch when the wanted sub frequency comes out till all of the LED are on OFF status, then 6 LEDs flashes two times (the flashing LED ON/OFF status shows the working frequency of VTX), which indicates the frequency setting up is finished.

   Note: if what customer wants is to only set up frequency group or sub frequency, just long press the setting up switch when it enters group frequency setting or sub frequency setting, and then it enters next process.

Check the frequency operation of 5.8G analog VTX

  After Hermit 145 V2 is powered, all 6 LEDs come steady on and then flashes two times, then short press the switch and release it, the ON/OFF status of all 6 LEDs indicates the working frequency of VTX.


The corresponding table for LED status and VTX working frequency ( 40 frequencies)

Group frequencyyellow LED

Sub frequency (red LED)

























































Note: “0” means LED OFF; “1” means LED “ON”

Power test picture for 5.8G analog VTX (26.4dBm@5.705G):

How to change the parameter of ESC and update the firmware of ESC:


You can change the ESC parameter and update its firmware when the firmware of Hermit 145 V2 is Cleanflight NAZE V1.12 version or above and the firmware of ESC is BLHeli v12.0 version or above. The detail operation is the following:

1)  Turn the tail switch on Hermit 145 V2 to “FC”, connect the power and connect the quadcopter to computer by USB cable.


2)  Open BLHeli GUI software on your computer (ensure that CP2102 driver was installed and  the connection with CleanFlight GUI was disconnected), select SILABS BLHeli Bootloader(cleanflight), and then select the serial number of Hermit 145 V2 (different computer comes with different serial number)


4)  Click “connect”on BLHeli GUI, then click “Read Setup”, the following picture appears, click “OK”, then you can change the parameter of ESC and update the firmware of ESC.

Note: The updated firmware should be BLHeli V12.0 version or above, otherwise, you can not change or update ESC firmware through Hermit 145 V2.

How to connect GPS or Compass on Hermit 145 V2:

The upper connector is for connecting compass, the lower connector is for connecting GPS.

Package Includes: 
1 x Quadcopter 
1 x Battery (450mAh7.4V) 
4 x Blades (CW two pcs, CCW two pcs) 
1x charge cable

For the firmware flashing instruction, please download it from this link:



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